What is the school name?  How do you say that?  Good question!

Scoil Rince Branwen (Skull Rin-ka Brawn-wen).

Our school name translates to Dance School of Branwen.

Branwen is the Irish Goddess of love and beauty, whose name means “beautiful raven”.


Scoil Rince Branwen is an Irish dance specialty school located in Baldwinsville, NY.  We offer year-round Irish dance classes in all ability levels for children ages 3-18, as well as classes for adults.

It is our mission to teach the tradition and love of Irish dance in a supportive, family-friendly setting.

At SRB we are committed to providing our dancers with a high-quality Irish dance program, in addition to a positive, nurturing and supportive dance studio experience.  Whether our students choose to dance recreationally, perform or compete, our unique program allows them to design their own path to success.

Scoil Rince Branwen is so much more than just Irish dance.  We enjoy connecting dance to our students lives in a way that leaves a lifelong impression and sets the foundation for a lifetime of success.